For too long, Cardiff's software development community has been fragmented by language, discipline, and platform.

unified.diff is a monthly meet-up for anybody involved or interested in the field of software development.

We hold tech talks, and trade war stories.

16th July 2015

Go Mad for Monads

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

Salty Goodness

Matt Willsher - hello@willsher.systems

18th June 2015

The Tale of The Million Dollar Homepage

Gavin Davies - @gavD_UK

Knowing your Rs from your elbow

Steph Locke - @SteffLocke

21st May 2015

My heart began to sync

Craig Marvelley - @craigmarvelley

Next-level functional Javascript with Ramda

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

19th March 2015

Design Patterns the Ruby way

Fred Heath - @FredAtBootstrap


Daniela Proceida - @EvilDMP

15th January 2015

Enter Kahlan

Warren Davies - @woogoose

Behaviour Driven Development

Fred Heath - @FredAtBootstrap

20th November 2014

Immutable Infrastructure

Gavin Davies - @gavD_UK

Ansible and AWS

Craig Marvelley - @craigmarvelley

16th October 2014

Making games for kids in Unity and Html5

Shane Skuse - @shane_skuse

18th September 2014

What everyone should know about the Linux kernel

Mark Einon - @einonm

Grunt JS - Automate everything

Garin Evans - @mrgarinevans

21st August 2014

Demystifying 3D printers

Steve Anderson - @irregularshed

Be more like Howie

Craig Lockwood - @craiginwales

17th July 2014

Introduction to Ecmascript 6

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

Improving your content

Jennifer Taylor

19th June 2014

You Say Schema, I Say Schemata

Ross McFarlane

SEO for Web Developers

Steve Morgan

Introduction to the Robotic Operating System

Nick Read - @squiddon

15th May 2014

Fsck-ing Email Security

Steffan Harries - @bendihossan

Don't Fear the iPhone

Max Woolf - @maxehmookau

17th April 2014


Mike James

Browser Testing with Selenium WebDriver

Sean Sabbage

20th March 2014

Javascript Promises

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

Raspberry Pi

Doug Gore


James Cryer - @jrcryer


Neil Cottrell

16th January 2014

Baby Steps into Big Data

Richard Gaywood - @penllawen

12th August 2013


Govin Davees - @gavd_uk


Dayle Rees - @daylerees

3rd July 2013


James Cryer - @jrcryer

5th June 2013

Breaking Bugs

Ian Jenkins - @jenko

Don't be afraid to commit (lightning talk)

Daniele Procida - @evildmp

Progressive enhancement

Graham Bird - @mrgrahambird

3rd April 2013

Literate Programming


6th March 2013

What is a tech accelerator - and why should I care?


6th February 2013

High Quality Code


Emulate this!

@douggore (source code)

9th January 2013

Datomic - The Future of Databases?


3 Non-code Production Performance Improvements for Developers


7th November 2012

Using CouchDB


Dust Off Your Raspberry Pi


3rd October 2012

From zero to here with Python & Django: an unexpected adventure in open-source software development

Danliele Procida - @evildmp

'I was asked to tell stories': 12 years of programming in 45 mins"

Craig Marvelley - @craigmarvelley

5th September 2012

So what is this Drupal thing?

Oliver Davies - @opdavies

Swarm! (ed: hint, it's about AI)

Nick Reed - @squiddon

Stress = Urgency * Novelty * Scale: Monitoring a construction site using networked Arduino-based cameras

Hamish Harvey - @hamishharvey

4th July 2012

How to Build Your Own Netflix

David Jenkins

Object Mocking

Chris Beale - @wtfgecko

6th June 2012

OpenCV in your face

Paul Preece - source code available at https://github.com/unified-diff/opencv-in-your-face

Load testing at web scale (with Apache JMeter)

Richard Gaywood - @penllawen

2nd May 2012

An overview of cutting edge web development.

Ian Jenkins - @jenko

Lithium - Why it's (almost) clever enough to make me believe in intelligent design.

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

Myspace TV - 500 channels and nothing on, television just got social again.

Simon Bowen

4th April 2012

Event-driven horizons: an intro to node.js.

source code available at https://github.com/robinduckett/intro-to-node-js

Robin Duckett - @robinduckett

Pager? What Pager? - Deploying code effectively without waking people up

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace - @ProfFalken

Under the Hood - A brief tour of a triple-A game engine.

Ian Thomas - @wildwinter

7th March 2012

Getting Clojure - An overview of how functional programming is now proper.

Rod Pugh - @rodnaph

source code available at https://github.com/rodnaph/clojure-talk

Testability (It's an -ility) - Inside the emergent software development skill-set that is Test Engineering.

Sean Robbins - @sean_robbins

A Scientist in an Adventure with Pirates - A whistlestop tour of why a developer was hired to help on Aardman's latest feature film.

Ian Wootten - @niftydigits

1st February 2012

How to handle your terminal like a boss

Warren Seymour - @woogoose

.vimrc etc available at https://github.com/warrenseymour/dotfiles

Clean Code

Gavin Davies - @gavd_uk

source code available at https://github.com/gavD/refactoring-to-clean-code

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Coder

Carey Hiles - @handybitesize


Thanks to @sumatron for making this short documentary about the first meetup!

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