Without much fanfare, but with plenty of nods of approval, Udiff came back in the summer of 2016.

If you read our last blog post you may have seen us suggest “We might do the odd event if the opportunity arises.” and that’s exactly what’s happened! It seems that a meetup every few months (roughly quarterly) seems much more attainable. The goal when we started Unified Diff was to try and be the catalyst for more tech meetups in and around Cardiff and there are some great meetups out there now, so going to a quarterly meetup just makes sense.

Tonight (9th Feb 2017) is our third meetup since the revival and hopefully there will be many more but on a more infrequent basis.

Which means that we’re looking for speakers again! So please get in touch if you have a talk you’d like to give or demo of some cool thing you’re working on or anything else you think will interest an IT crowd.

The other good news is we’ve managed to secure a great new venue thanks to the kind folks at Bipsync. So if you haven’t joined our revival yet, why not come along tonight! (or next time if you’re reading this after the fact!)