Although we talked about going to an every other month format, this week’s Unified Diff might be our last…

No big deal, no-one mad, no-one jelly, all toys still safely in prams. Here are our reasons:

  1. There are now plenty of meetups in Cardiff and we’re not here to compete.
  2. We are all mega busy with family and jobs and it’s become a bit of a grind to keep the event going.
  3. It’s really hard to get speakers. People just aren’t coming forwards.
  4. It’s just not quite as fun as it was when we started out.

We’re not shutting anything down permanently; we’ll be like King Arthur and his knights, we’re not ruling out a comeback. We might do the odd event if the opportunity arises.

So, come along to our next (final?) event and share some of your Unified Diff memories! It’s been a fun ride.

September 2015