The Unified Diff team met up recently to discuss how it’s going. Jenko made graphs and everything. I ate a pizza that made me feel unusual.

Anyway, we are happy with Acorn as a venue - it puts the focus on the talks.

We have a challenge, however: very few people are coming forward to do talks. Whenever you see me or Warren do a talk, it’s often because someone has dropped out or we simply couldn’t find a speaker and we’re worried you’ll get sick of the sight of us!

We seem to be relying on a small group of speakers who are great but we always hoped that we could encourage more people to come forward. We could contact big companies to ask them to send speakers, but when we started Unified Diff, we wanted it to be a community event - by local software people for local software people, talking about real things that we do - rather than sitting there being sold something by a tech evangelist.

When we started in 2012, there was very little going on. Now, you have, in or around Cardiff:

I’m bound to have missed some off, that’s just from a quick scan of our South Wales tech meetups twitter list… So that leads us on to - is Unified Diff still relevant and necessary? Two factors suggest that it may not be. Firstly, if people aren’t volunteering to speak, we can’t be the community event we set out to be. Secondly, there are now a large number of meetups, so - achievement unlocked? Mission accomplished?

We are, however, still getting solid numbers of attendees (20 to 30 usually), so for now, we’ve decided to keep it going but only having a meeting every other month.

Feel free to tweet us and let us know what you think. Our next event is scheduled for Thursday September 17th.