As we said in our May blog post, we’re going through a minor reboot. We’re trying to keep the things that we like and improve the things that we don’t. Here’s how I reckon we’re doing.

How’s the new venue?

May saw our first meetup at our new home at Acorn Recruitment, which frankly was great for talks compared to a pub - no noise, no clanging bells, no clinking of glasses or shrieking of the dishwasher, no rampaging wildebeests clattering through… Acorn have been gracious hosts, there was no big sales pitch, it was pretty comfortable from where I was sitting.

The only issue was the projector was in front of a window, which meant the video contrast wasn’t great, but I’ve got a backdrop that I’ll bring next time which should help.

In a way, I’m a bit sad not to be based in a pub any more, it felt like more of a punk/grime ting, but to be fair, our speakers put a lot of effort in and they deserve to be heard clearly, which is why first Founders Hub now and Acorn do feel like steps forward for us. Plus, having free pizza and beer feels like the big time!

Twitter and that

We might have overdone the twitter thing last month, we were tweeting daily, so we’ve scaled that back a bit. We are, however, making an effort to retweet as many local meetups as we can - we have a list of South Wales tech meetups that we scan daily. We’re not about competing - we’re about community.

That said, if you know anyone who would benefit from Unified Diff (basically, anyone who has an interest in software!), then please point them in our direction!

Our next meetup

Ten years ago I wrote the source code for the Million Dollar Homepage - I spoke to Alex, he’s happy for me to tell the story, so here we go! I’m hugely excited about that! We also have a talk from the BBC’s James Cryer about the New Hotness known as Docker, which I can’t wait to hear because it’s one of those things that I feel like I SHOULD be using but I’m not really 100% sure what it’s FOR yet!

The Talks

As we keep drilling home, Unified Diff is as good as you make it! Please get in touch if you’d like to do a talk - Unified Diff is just people getting up and talking about what they are excited about. Craig and I discussed this on Never Out of Beta podcast 0.9.22 - we talked about why we are involved with meetups, and what makes a good talk. It’s a great way to develop your career and confidence.

Of course, not everyone wants to talk. It’s also as good as you make it in terms of coming down, showing support, and being involved in any way you can! We try to welcome people as best we can, but heck, we all work in IT, most of us are pretty shy really, but do feel free to come up and chat to any of us!

It’s as good as we ALL make it

  • Gav, June 2015