Since we started Unified Diff back in 2012 we’ve hosted the event at a number of venues… Before landing on the perfect location… Founders Hub. Sadly though, the hub has now closed and left a sizable hole in the Cardiff tech scene. This leaves us and a number of other events in search of a new home, and after a lot of looking around and visiting various places we’ve decided to make that home the Acorn Recruitment offices just opposite The Castle.

A New Start

Unified Diff has been running for about three and a half years now, and has become a pretty established event on the Cardiff tech meetup radar. The original intention was to build a home that a number of smaller meetups could use to boost their numbers, and create a more varied and interesting mix of people and ideas.

We believe that having a good attendance is key to Unified Diff being a success, the more people we can attract, the more discussion and innovation we can hopefully help foster. Over recent months numbers have gone down quite a bit, and this is something we want to see if we can change - to make it the event that everyone who attends deserves it to be.

Acorn Offices

Which brings us to the new venue.

We plan to keep the format that we’ve always had with Unified Diff… a few talks from varied tech angles, and then plenty of chat afterwards. We’re also hoping to add a few little extras, to be generously provided by Acorn Recruitment like free food and drinks. Finally, we’re going to be starting the event a little bit earlier than we have previously, which will mean less waiting around after work in the city centre if that’s been a problem for you.

So we hope you can make it to see what we have in store for May, we’ll be opening the doors at 6:30, with talks starting around 7pm. If you haven’t had chance to eat then don’t worry we’ll have a bunch of pizza available and some beverages to wash it all down. Then sit back, enjoy the talks, and meet some new people. See you there!

  • Rod, May 2015