For too long, Cardiff's software development community has been fragmented by language, discipline, and platform.

unified.diff is a monthly meet-up for anybody involved or interested in the field of software development.

We hold tech talks, and trade war stories.

  • February 2017 - we came back!

    Without much fanfare, but with plenty of nods of approval, Udiff came back in the summer of 2016. If you read our last blog post you may have seen us suggest “We might do the odd event if the opportunity arises.” and that’s exactly what’s happened! It seems that a meetup every few months (roughly quarterly) seems much more attainable. The goal when we started Unified Diff was to try and be the catalyst for more tech meetups in and around Cardiff and there are some great meetups out there now, so going to a quarterly meetup just makes sense....

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  • September 2015 - sudo shutdown -h now

    Although we talked about going to an every other month format, this week’s Unified Diff might be our last… No big deal, no-one mad, no-one jelly, all toys still safely in prams. Here are our reasons: There are now plenty of meetups in Cardiff and we’re not here to compete. We are all mega busy with family and jobs and it’s become a bit of a grind to keep the event going. It’s really hard to get speakers. People just aren’t coming forwards. It’s just not quite as fun as it was when we started out. We’re not shutting anything...

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  • August update - switching to every other month

    The Unified Diff team met up recently to discuss how it’s going. Jenko made graphs and everything. I ate a pizza that made me feel unusual. Anyway, we are happy with Acorn as a venue - it puts the focus on the talks. We have a challenge, however: very few people are coming forward to do talks. Whenever you see me or Warren do a talk, it’s often because someone has dropped out or we simply couldn’t find a speaker and we’re worried you’ll get sick of the sight of us! We seem to be relying on a small group...

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  • June update - venue, twitter, talks

    As we said in our May blog post, we’re going through a minor reboot. We’re trying to keep the things that we like and improve the things that we don’t. Here’s how I reckon we’re doing. How’s the new venue? May saw our first meetup at our new home at Acorn Recruitment, which frankly was great for talks compared to a pub - no noise, no clanging bells, no clinking of glasses or shrieking of the dishwasher, no rampaging wildebeests clattering through… Acorn have been gracious hosts, there was no big sales pitch, it was pretty comfortable from where I...

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  • Venue Change for May Event

    Since we started Unified Diff back in 2012 we’ve hosted the event at a number of venues… Before landing on the perfect location… Founders Hub. Sadly though, the hub has now closed and left a sizable hole in the Cardiff tech scene. This leaves us and a number of other events in search of a new home, and after a lot of looking around and visiting various places we’ve decided to make that home the Acorn Recruitment offices just opposite The Castle. A New Start Unified Diff has been running for about three and a half years now, and has...

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get involved

If you'd like to give a tech talk, or have something you'd like to share at a future event, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us via Twitter - @unifieddiff